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Hi guys , if anyone would like to leave any feedback to enter our free prize draw to win 5x (1-1 lessons) please take the time to write a few words. If you want something changing let us know, want more or different classes let us know, if you had a great time let us know and even if you didnt enjoy it let us know so we can make changes to improve our services.

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5 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Amazing unit, first class training, not only does Bonnie love coming so do I. Wouldn’t listen to any one else other than Flick as she’s such a great trainer and knows what she’s talking about. Couldn’t recommend enough. If you want first class training go to Flick.

    1. Thanks Aiden glad you and Bonnie are enjoying coming training 🙂
      Onwards and upwards we will get there, you all need to be very proud with how far you have come with Bonnie

  2. It all started three years ago with a cute Chocolate Labrador ~ Herbie! We did the puppy class and then graduated to the intermediate and advanced with Flick or Auntie Flick as she is better known! I think it was when we started one to one lessons that Herbie fell in love with his Auntie Flick 😍 it was clear I was going to need help with this very enthusiastic Chocolate! And really I can’t thank her enough for all the help and guidance she has given over the years 🙂 she has given me the tools to work with and her methods work! I can honestly say when she works with him in the unit I am always amazed with what my little Chocolate can do! And I think but you will have to ask Flick, that an occasion he has even impressed her! I never dreamed I would be doing the things I am doing with him when I got him!
    Training at DAGS 🤔 how can I sum it up 🤔 it’s a community? Classes are fun but at the same time we get the training done. There is coffee involved which is always a bonus lol
    I can’t recommend DAGS enough and I am excited for future training 🙂and Herbie is definitely excited lol
    I wanted to add a video I will post that on the DAGS Facebook page.
    Thanks Flick

  3. We were first put in touch with Flick around 2 month ago, Bonnie at that time was an extremely environmentally feared pup.
    With the guidance, patience & understanding from a great trainer Bonnie has grown in confidence and settles much quicker when met with new things she finds scarey & challenging.
    Not only has she achieved this in a short space of time she has also been practising some scent work which she absolutely loves to do and under Flicks direction Bonnie is proving to be a very quick learner.
    We could not have dreamed of such fast results and although Bonnie still has some issues she still needs help with to try and overcome we personally would not take her anywhere else ( after trying a few failed trainers)
    Flick is not only approachable & friendly she listens to our questions & guides Bonnie to achieve plus she knows her stuff 😊.
    Flick is always welcoming and upbeat and always has the coffee on ready for when we arrive.
    Thank you for all the work you have put into our puppy every week and the great training programme you devise for her..

  4. I went to the scent work day with 2 of mine. We had a great time and have loved practising since! I heard about Flick years ago by my mechanic when I had my Rottweilers. It was great to finally meet her! She tailored her training style to suit both dogs, who are very different. Gave me lots of different games to practice and good contructive feedback. Best part of it was she gave 1 of my dogs, who’s been in a bad way for a while a job. Which he desperately needed and had a total understanding of him. We’re now going to work on what she’s given us in the hope of taking it forward to a possible trial.

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