Dags Tricks Level 3 Part 1

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Level 3 Tricks Part 1

A Further 10 Tricks are required for this section but a KC good citizen gold counts as 5. Last time you can use this! Luring isn’t acceptable at this level but rewards after each trick are encouraged!

• Speak / talking / whisper
• Moving middle / peekaboo – minimum of 5 steps
• Moving send around – minimum of 5 steps
• Backup unaided – minimum of 3 ft handler stationary
• Backup unaided – handler moving forward dog backing up minimum of 5 handler steps
• Backup onto an object (back feet onto an object hock height)
• Fit paws
• Pedestal – handler sends dog to a platform minimum of 3ft away and dog jumps on with all Four feet and stays in position.
• Emergency stop – different to level 2 – dog must be running away from handler and stopped in any position staying there until handler rejoins.
• Figure of 8 over a jump
• Side step – dog stands with two feet on an object and rotates round the object. Handler can move with the dog.
• Jump through arms
• Stay 1 min sit stay 5 paces away , handler turned side on. Only one command of stay and no continuous hand commands.

Total of 10 videos with no kc good citizen good, or 5 videos with good citizen gold for submission.


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