Dags Tricks Level3 Part 2

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Level 3 Tricks part 2

There are two parts to this – a further 5 Tricks are required , you can use any not used in part one or any from the following list:

• Stay 1 min down stay 5 paces away, handler turned side on. Only one command of stay and no continuous hand commands.
• Distance work – Sit Down Stand min 5ft from handler , a marker must be placed on the floor to show any movement forwards , anything over 1/3 of dog length in front won’t be accepted.
• Go fetch your lead
• Say your prayers
• Spin in a tight circle on a small object – handler doesn’t move around the object.

Each of the 5 choices must be videoed separately and rewarded after each but not lured.

For the second part of the level : the tricks performed must now be put together, videoed consecutively and only rewarded at the end of the final exercise.

Total of 6 videos for submission


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