Obedience Level 1 Part 1 – Bonzos Basics




10 elements to video – but a kc good citizens certificate of any level counts as 5!

* show suitable safe non punitive collar, tag meeting guidelines and poo bag.

* Recall – puppy type recall, or from a simple garden distraction and place back on lead.

* Groom & Vet check – showing the ability to safely handle your dog without excessive mouthing or struggle.

* Food manners – showing treats taken gently with manners.

* Heel on lead – minimum of 30 paces with about turns and right turns. Approximate loose lead, occasional tight leads are acceptable.

* Door control – dog waits in a stand, sit or down whilst handler opens the door and then follows through the door when the handler is ready.

* Sit Stay – 1 min with no distractions.

* Down Stay – 1 min with no distractions.

* Crate up – either at home or in vehicle. If handler does not use a crate a secure method of travel needs to be shown with the dog in a calm settled manner, otherwise a bed at home can be used again in a calm and settled manner



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