Obedience Level 1 Part 3 – on the move




* Follow – show the ability of your dog to follow either your hand or treats in your hand. Dog does not need to do this at heel in a competition style, they can be ‘worked out’, minimum of ten paces.

* serpentine – cones are not needed but a distinct change of direction the equivalent of 4 cones is necessary.

* figure of 8 – cones are not needed but any markers to show the changes would be helpful.

* call to heel – leave dog in a wait and call dog to heel on left hand side after 4 paces, handler praises dog at heel but does not need to keep walking.

* slow pace – handler walks with dog at heel at slow pace for minimum of 5 paces.

* fast pace – handler walks with dog at heel at fast pace for minimum of 5 paces.

*Following leg: dog to follow handlers leg on the left hand side for 3 paces with no lagging or rushing in front.

* Novice recall – dog in a sit on left hand side, commanded wait by handler, handler leaves dog for minimum of 5 paces, turn and face , call dog , dog sits in front. Finally the handler finishes to the dog (turns into the dog so the dog is in a sit on their left hand side without the dog moving).

* Reward your dog – show ANOTHER method of building motivation and reward not used in part 2.




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