Dags Tricks Level 1 Part 3

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There are 2 parts to this:

1) A Further 5 tricks are required for this level part 3 – you can use any you have not already used in part 1 & 2 plus any from the following list:

* Kiss
* Loose lead walk for 20 paces
* Stay 1 min , 5 paces away – different position to part 2
* Paws on
* Leave it – food or toy on paws
* Play tuggy or with a toy and leave when asked.

All of these can be rewarded and lured at any point – BUT in the second part they CANNOT:

2) With the 5 tricks you have chosen to use for this element they must now be filmed one after the other, without luring. So you can set your dog up with treats, then treats can stay on your person but no further reward can be given until you have completed your 5th and final trick.

Submission – you can do a single video for each trick on the first part of this, or one video with rewards and lured food wherever you wish. The second part must be one video containing the 5 tricks in succession with no rewards until the end.


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