Scentwork UK trials are based on  detection-style nose work practiced daily by customs & excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search & rescue dogs and medical detection dogs. The sport is growing exponentially, DAGs offers training for levels 1-4 from a trainer holding Recognised Trainer Certificate and also Certified Judge and Trial Organiser. In the next couple of months we will be able to offer a second in house trainer for the scentwork uk.

Scentwork within DAGs is taught on a 1-1 basis which allows us to train at a rate and manner specific to each and every dog. We can train pups to veterans , athletes to those with health issues (dogs and handlers!!!). We pride ourselves in not being a breed specific club, we have French Bulldog to Estrelas training in the Doghouse and long live our breed diversity ­čÖé

Trials are regularly held along with training days. Conscious that we are the only club in the area accredited we aim to provide trials in the area regularly. Our next trial is August 25th 2018 – Level 1 is fully booked.